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World-Sourcing Inc.® Customer Comments

Want to see your comments posted here? If you have any comments about Oma Coffee, Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans or the service provided by World-Sourcing, Inc.® feel free to send your comments to sales@world-sourcing.com
These are just a few of the comments we've received from our customers!

" OMA012, Special Selection, is a superb Colombian coffee with a smooth flavor. We enjoy it every morning. Because of its distinctive flavor, we create our own blend using OMA Special Selection and a subtly flavored decaffeinated coffee. It is a real treat! "

---------- Sent to us by R.G , Stamford, CT

"I must tell you we both LOVE the coffee! It is so good and I have never ground my own beans before but really like the taste and smell. I am having fun with it. I am addicted to the candy, that is a dangerous thing to have around! Oh and the coffee arrived in a day! I was very impressed. "

---------- Sent to us by R and P , Bronx, NY

"I shared the Chocolate covered coffee beans with the office ladies and we really like them. 'They're wonderful' is what one of our ladies keeps saying! I noticed that with some chocolate covered coffee beans, there is a more bitter taste then not. With yours, there is a more SWEET taste which makes them better then the rest. The others in the office agree."

---------- Sent to us by L.T. in Cottonwood, CA

"This is unbelievable coffee! I've loved it. I'm normally a Gevalia subscriber and your coffee is excellent. More body and a greater value - couldn't believe the value of the 2 pound bag."

---------- Sent to us by C.R. in Cortlandt Manor, New York City

"Thank you for introducing me to Export Line, Finest Selection and the coffee beans dipped in chocolate. I've experimented with the best coffees to be had in New York City by trying them at Balducci's, Zabars, Grace's Market, Eli's and Porto Rico, just to name a few. In addition, I've been a member of numerous mail order coffee clubs, such as Gevalia, Starbucks and Peet's, again to name a few. Finally, I've discovered a whole new world of coffee expertise here in Copenhagen Denmark, where I live now. The OMA brand coffee which your company, World- Sourcing, Inc.,® now imports and distributes is among the best that I have ever tasted."

---------- Sent to us by J.C.L. New York City/Copenhagen Denmark.
"Regarding the OMA premium coffee, I have tried it and I have found it to be of excellent quality. The flavor is very rich without any negative bite. I am pleased to tell you that I am a very satisfied customer."

---------- Sent to us by T.V. Massapequa Park, New York
"Cafe OMA has got to be Colombia's best coffee. It is rich and has a delicious taste. I love it's aroma. It's the perfect coffee to have in the morning before work, as it's strong enough to wake me up and soft enough to have more than one cup."

---------- Sent to us by M.B. New York City

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