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Hello!! Welcome to World-Sourcing Inc.® a family owned and operated company and proud authorized distributors of Oma Coffee in the United States since 2003.

One of our business partners was raised in Colombia with Oma Coffee and is happy to be involved with distribution here in the U.S.

We're a leader in importing specialty coffees that strongly believes in the art and tradition of authentic Colombian Coffee. We enjoy bringing to your home the quality and well-known name of 100% Colombian OMA gourmet coffee.

From this quality brand, we were inspired to develop our own private label Café Kokopelli® Gourmet.

Café Kokopelli® is the result from carefully selecting and hand craft roasting Colombian Coffee into a well balanced and unique cup to satisfy the most demanding palates of coffee lovers. Coffee enthusiasts will appreciate the quality of Colombian Coffee, which is known world-wide as the best coffee, combined with the magic of the Kokopelli legend of bringing "good luck, good fortune and fruitfulness."

We are proud to introduce our very own private label gourmet Colombian Coffee
Café Kokopelli® the coffee that makes you smile!

Made exclusively for us by Oma Coffee!
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Our objective at World-Sourcing Inc.® is to bring top of the line gourmet Colombian Coffee to your home and introduce this product to American coffee enthusiasts. We offer a wide range of excellent product options for coffee lovers characterized by the richness and aroma of fine Colombian Coffee. We hope to provide an attractive and delicious coffee alternative, motivating loyal coffee drinkers in the U.S. to enjoy the high quality of Colombian Coffee and to share the experience with those who enjoy the same coffee tradition. Please visit our Oma Coffee Products or our Colombian Treats page to learn more about our fine Colombian Coffee products and select one that best fits your needs!

Our Current Imported Items:

Café Kokopelli® Gourmet Coffee Products
· Café Kokopelli Premium Medium Roasted Colombian Coffee
· Café Kokopelli Espresso Dark Roasted Colombian Coffee

OMA Coffee Products
· OMA Export Line Medium Roast Colombian Coffee
·OMA Excelso - Café Excelso Bean
· OMA Línea Selecta Colombian Coffee
· OMA Café Tradicional (Traditional)
· OMA Export Line Decaffinated Colombian Coffee
· OMA Special Selection Colombian Coffee
· OMA Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans
· Café Kokopelli Espresso Dark Roasted Colombian Coffee
· Café Kokopelli Medium Roast Ground Colombian Coffee

Other Colombian Treats
·Colombina Strawberry Delight hard candy
·Colombina Coffee Delight hard candy
·Colombina Coffee Delight soft candy
·Copelia brand Milk Caramel Candy
·Copelia brand Milk Caramel with Coconut Candy

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